Coming back to WoW


I've been a WoW player for several years, coming and going as content becomes relevant or irrelevant. I started playing back in April of 2005 on the insistence of a friend that played. Back then, I was the type of gamer that would call MMO players all sorts of names and tell them to play a real game. The game of choice, "Quake 3 Arena". Yes, I am old. That fateful day I was at this friends house, he was playing WoW and told me the words that would forever change my outlook, "Just sit down, play my character and see if it's as bad as you think it is." That weekend, I purchased WoW and subscribed. The only expansion that I was not active in, Wrath of the Lich King. I was more than happy to not be an active player during that expansion, as it still is my opinion the worst one that blizzard has released to date. It wasn't long after I started my journey in WoW that I joined a guild that was raiding Molten Core. Oh boy, things will never be the way it was then, 18 hours in MC. Our raid leader didn't allow anyone to drop group until the raid was cleared. Our first night there, was a complete nightmare. There was no wowhead, tankspot or any information on the trash pulls, boss fights, mechanics.. all the things players take advantage of today. It is true, players have things way too easy and the game is pretty much a 'give me'. You don't have to learn, there is no trial by fire aspect to the raids anymore. Wowhead datamines the patches months before they're released to give all relevant information to the player base. Twitch, YouTube and have effectively made the game a no brainer. Sorta like how hunters were in MC raids in vanilla.. Autoshot, go afk on a date and watch a movie, and still be the highest dps in the raid.

The latest break I took from WoW lasted 9 months. Pre-ordered Legion, on go live a buddy and I leveled our mains to 110 and did a few dungeons together. Wasn't too long after that first month that we watch all our friends disappear and play other games. Myself included. I left and went to hosting my own Arma 3 Exile Zombie server. At the time, I was ranked the #2 A3 server in the world because I coded the zombies personally. No other servers were able to get the zombies to interact and function the way that I had coded mine. It was realistic and the player base loved it. Because of that process, I had to upgrade the server to a more powerful system, spending 8 grand on upgrades. I feel it was worth it however, that is until a group of my admins decided to abuse their powers and break the rules.  Players can deal with hackers, they cannot deal with admins that spawn things in for themselves and their friends. It's a pvp survival game.. admins had the unfair advantage. The reputation of the server declined and I eventually just shut the server down. 3 months after, I brought it back up again with a few updates. By then, 6 other developers figured out how I made zombies work and now everyone had their code.

I left that and decided to play ARK and 7 Days to Die with friends, hosting those servers as well. I didn't populate them, I wasn't expecting any players outside of the friends and family of friends to play on it. Again, friends fell on hard times financially, moving and general disinterest in the games. The circle closes and grows tighter with less and less time to play. I turned to the one game I knew that I could count on to fill the lonely hours of the night when everyone in the house is asleep or friends are asleep as well. Warcraft has always been the go-to game that you can count on to be there when all things leave. I kept my sub active, yes 9 months of paying and not actually playing the game. Updated to the 7.2 patch, logged in and quickly realized that I was completely behind everyone else playing the game. Not just a little, a LOT. Spend 2 weeks trying to improve my druid's gear and I've been moderately successful at it. Still working on it and I don't plan on giving up.

Now, the one thing that will keep me playing the game and active, a raiding guild that actually will utilize my knowledge and skills as a healer or tank. It's what I've done for 11 years in the game. I don't DPS, I can't stand the ideal that you must do a specific amount of damage. That's not my idea of a group, or raid. Tanking, I don't have to care about my dps, just my ability to take punches to the face and survive it. Healing I just have to keep the tank alive and the other members of the group. Two things (tanking/healing) are what I do best. Any dps class or role that I play in game, strictly for ALT and leveling purposes or farming materials. I will never DPS a dungeon or raid - ever! So that's where am I at now; searching for a raiding guild to make wow worth my time and keep my interest in the game to continue to progress my toon(s) and help others progress as well.